One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was get incredibly excited about buying cute tiny baby clothes and how I would decorate the nursery. The first 12 weeks were the hardest as we wanted to reach that safe zone before telling anybody – so that meant no baby shopping incase we were spotted and no liking groups and pages on Facebook incase beady eyes noticed, which didn’t leave me with much to do or get excited about! My only saviour was Pinterest for some baby Pinsperation, as I already had a baby board, wedding board, things I wish I had board (like you do…) pinning the odd nursery theme or baby related picture could slip in unnoticed!

We knew we weren’t going to find out the sex of the baby so a neutral themed nursery was a must, but I didn’t want it to be so plain that it was boring… I loved the grey and yellow combination so that’s what I started looking at. The more I looked into finding grey and yellow nursery items the more I started to stumble across cloud decorations and just couldn’t resist! So that was the nursery theme decided, let operation nursery begin!

I really wanted to paint the walls in the nursery, just a very pale grey, I know it’s not the be all and end all but I was desperate to have it all matching and just how I wanted it. I found the perfect colour which was the Dulux – Chic Shaddow in a matt finish. A few Sunday’s ago Joe took his dad to the Fairford air show for the day so I thought I’d get stuck right in and get it done! Everything was prepped and ready to go, but when I started painting it was waaay darker than what it looked like on the tin… Why does paint always do that?! I carried on anyway hoping it would dry lighter and what do you know – Good ol’ Dulux did exactly what it said on the tin, it took hours but I’m happy to say I prevailed and it was so worth it! I also decided to keep the skirting sage green, it goes quite well and you hardly see it now the furniture is in.

A bare, freshly painted nursery now needs nursery furniture! Even though baby will be co-sleeping in the SnüzPod, I was keen to get a full nursery set, I’ll hold my hands up and say I’m a bit anal and want everything to match and look good! I’d looked on the obvious sites such as Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, Kiddicare etc waiting for something lovely to pop up in the many sales that occur pretty much monthly. But even then it was all still very expensive (in my opinion). We eventually decided we were just going to do an IKEA jobby as furniture is much of a muchness and it would work out miles cheaper. A few days before we were set to go and have our biannual IKEA domestic and meatballs, I spotted a friend on Facebook selling a gorgeous immaculate set of Mamas and Papas nursery furniture! Result! Safe to say I snatched that up at an absolute steal – although I’m a bit gutted I missed out on meatballs!

Next – the decorations! I love making things myself and getting crafty so I wanted to find something I could do myself to add a personal touch. No nursery is complete without bunting so I decided to give sewing a go and make my own. If you’ve seen my previous blog about how I made my bunting you’ll know all about that – if not go and check it out! Here’s the finished product, a bloody good match if I do say so myself.

Another statement piece of decor I kept noticing on Pinterest was clusters of pom-poms, lanterns and honeycomb and fell absolutely in love with the idea of it. It didn’t seem like it would take a lot of effort or DIY skills to create so I looked on eBay and found tissue paper, lanterns and honey comb balls in my desired colours. I opted to not use the tissue paper pom-poms as it simply didn’t need any extra umph! But I’m sure I can find other uses for the tissue.

My favourite purchase so far has been the adorable Chupa Cloud from a gorgeous bespoke etsy shop called Jellybeandecors (also on Instagram, go check her out!) it was made to order with the colours I wanted and fits perfectly with the theme. I absolutely love it, I might have to buy the matching mobile once baby moves to the crib.

All in all I’m pretty bloody impressed with how it’s turned out. It’s exactly how I wanted it, all we need now is baby!

Other items –

Grey star changing matt – B&M

Cloud blanket – Matalan

Fabric storage basket – Minene (Amazon)


I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives any expectant mummies and daddies some nursery inspiration!

Published by Elise Kate