The Great Barrier Reef is dead. Is anybody cheering? I'm joking. It's isn't actually dead, but maybe dying. Coral bleaching is a serious problem that's not only harming the Great Barrier Reef, but corals worldwide. It's mostly due to global warming and we have to stop it. Coral poaching and pollution are two other reasons. The Reef can actually easily be saved, if everybody were to do their part. Stop throwing your rubbish in the sea, it's not your dumping ground. I feel that authorities are not doing enough to lessen coral poaching and helping the environment so as to reduce global warming. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are good examples. Instead of trying to appease the people, why not focus on the real life problems. Global warming is slowly but surely destroying every one of us. Instead, those fat cats we call the government are just sitting back and taking our money, not doing anything to help the environment or even spread the message. Global warming is something that can be reduced greatly if only governments are able to do something, to preach the message that we, as people who live on earth, needs to get off their butts and help Mother Nature instead of just hating each other and blaming each other. It's not a one person job to cease global warming, but a joint effort. Please, stop destroying the ecosystem and protect our dying world. 

Published by Vitae Ihlathi