He will not,
as some mothers do,
will abandon you.
He will not,
as some fathers do,
forget the fruit of his seed.
Amidst all the tragedy, heartbreak
cruelty of men, bloodshed
I think God still has a heart
He reserved especially for the lost lamb
he will not stop looking
until he finds it
to wrap it around his protective bosom;
lovingly clothe it,
feed it love and affection.

Each lamb is precious in his eyes
a Shepherd knows his sheep
Who, after having spent everyday
with his sheep,
not know his ways, what he does
will not learn to love this sheep?
And in my heart, I believe
there is room for a god
A god who looks out for me
A god who never forgets me
A god who has an ear to listen
A god who lends a hand
A god I learned to love.

They say,
religion is the opium of the people
I agree. And it is addictive
It is addictive to turn a blind eye
and simply have faith
as they say,
in things unseen
to have that small flicker of hope
burning bright and intense
that feel-good substance
injected in your veins.

the Opium of the people


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo