For the past week I've been trying to find an explanation to why people say certain things when they like someone romantically, and I think I've finally figured it out. They say, "opposites attract" but I think people fall in love with others because they are just like them. We fall in love with ourselves. I think it takes more than just anyone to be with one of us. We see the deeper parts of the people we love. We long for their souls, their gardens of thought, feeling their backbone, their spine, inhaling the words they breathe. We see more in people because of what we know ourselves. I think we fall in love with people like us, people with beautiful words and thoughts, like glances at strangers and artistry. We can't just wake up in the morning and go to work. We want to lie in bed, count freckles on our shoulders, and count how many times a raindrop hits a window. We all breathe differently, strive off beauty, that's why we can't settle for just anyone. There's got to be a person we find beauty in, who thinks, feels, and wonders. As remarkably as we sometimes do, I think we fall for people who are a lot like us because they understand, appreciate, relate, and know what we experience and feel. I think that is so important. They say opposites attract, like magnets, they are pulled from different places, ending up together. But we don't need opposites or a magnetic force. We're on the same side. north or south, we don't need to be pulled together because we're already there.


Published by Angel dc