SPOILER ALERT: This post will contain spoilers from Orange Is the New Black season 4. If you haven't seen the latest season, or don't want to know about any events that occurred this season, please don't read this until you're ready.

Let me start by saying that I don't know how to control myself, and I didn't ration these 13 episodes very well. I spent a little less than a week binge watching the entire season, and now I'll begin to anxiously await the next season's premiere.

Season 4 was a whirlwind of emotions from start to finish. It was a lot darker than the previous seasons, but it felt more meaningful somehow. The last few episodes really kept me on the edge of my seat, and had me truly feeling for these characters like I hadn't before. There were so many moments full of raw emotion that at times I felt like I was in prison with them. This season really allowed me to connect with the characters, along with solidifying my favorites and least favorites. After finishing the season and thinking long and hard, I've come up with my top five favorite characters of the series.


1. Taystee Jefferson

This season Taystee became the mother hen of "The Ghetto" in Litchfield along with being Caputo's assistant. Taystee is number one on my list because she's responsible, intelligent, and kind. She cares so deeply about all of her friends. She was grieving more than anyone when Poussey died at the end of the season, and she was outraged when CO Bayley wasn't punished for it. Even though Poussey was her best friend, I think she would've been just as outraged if it would've happened to someone she didn't like. She's a genuinely good person, unlike some of the other inmates. 

2. Poussey Washington

It may seem like Poussey was an obvious choice to be in my top five, but stay with me: she was one of my favorites long before her death. Like Taystee, P has such a big heart for her friends and the people around her. She cares deeply, and is super intelligent: she speaks three languages! This season was a good one for her, until the end. She and Soso got together, and made the cutest couple Litchfield's ever seen. I full on ugly cried when the season came to and end and she died so suddenly. RIP Poussey, I'll miss you. 

3. Flaritza

I love both Flaca and Maritza's characters on this show, but I love their relationship more. They are both normal people who found an extraordinary friendship in prison. They are funny apart, but funnier together. One of my favorite moments of this season was when they were sitting in the bathroom with face masks on before the news crews came to interview Caputo. Now that's true friendship.

4. Gloria Mendoza

Gloria had a rough patch with Sophia in season 3, which resulted in Sophia being sent to the SHU after being attacked by a group of inmates after she shoved Gloria during an argument. It seemed like Gloria was to blame for Sophia's fate, although she obviously felt bad about what happened. Throughout the show, Gloria has cared for those around her, especially Daya, and when Sophia came out of the SHU, Gloria helped her feel like herself again by doing her hair for her. Gloria has a kind heart, even though she's in a situation where she often has to be tough.

5. Big Boo

I felt indifferent about Big Boo until season 3. We learned about Pennsatucky's past sexual assaults, and then we saw how her weird relationship with CO Coates took a dark turn when he sexually assaulted her. I really started to like her more after she noticed something was wrong with Pennsatucky and helped her deal with the aftermath of the sexual assault. Boo showed Pennsatucky that she was a true friend, and helped her fake illness to get out of being with Coates. Big Boo is a true friend, and is surprisingly compassionate for having such a tough exterior.


There are so many excellent characters on this show that it was hard to choose my top five favorites, although I'm sure these favorites will change after the next season. If you need me, I'll be over here counting down to the season five premiere. 

Published by Ellie Lee