Various nights and random lights. Somewhere between the dark aisle of the city wide. I walk across the crowded streets with women dancing skinny-dipped. A Dark Knight was caught by her poisonous red lips. Her hand aiming his pocket's nips.

Various nights and random lights, just beneath a starry night. Tall towers looms the alley wide. Bright lights twinkling in a summer tide. As thousands crossed the pedestrian by the green light. The avian chirped loudly through the night.

Various nights and random lights, just along the city wide. Men of liquor stay behind. As their laughter sang through a merry light.

Various nights and random lights as I took tonight's bus ride. My mind wandered the city wide. Amazed by the beauty of these bright lights. As they shine eminently through the city tonight. An angel sang her good fortune with delight.



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Published by Sara Mae