See that guy?

He works hard for a living but his wife doesn't see him cry

He wants to die


See that lady?

Has a smile on her face but she's hiding from the dad of her baby

and taking pills daily


See that leader?

Should be saving his people but instead he's disgraced in the media

he's just a fat-cat feeder


While they starve the hungry and rob the poor

Declares a war, but you don't know what for

Blames the victims and hides the crimes

The world really sucks sometimes.


See that soldier?

Missing his family and the kids are only getting older

he can't get back over


See that young boy?

Playing with weapons when he should be playing with toys

has he got a choice?


See that young girl?

Everyone is on her back along with the weight of the world

The system has failed!


They protect the guilty, let down the kids

Make them cut and make them hit

Make them believe that this is it

Yeah sometimes the world is really shit.

Published by Debz Dreamz