Not only for women. Even men enjoy a facial once in a while. It exfoliates, nourishes and moisturizes the skin and gives it a glowing appearance. And of course the best option is to have a Real Organic Facial.

Many beauty salons offer these special treatments, which provide a really healthy way to rejuvenate the skin. Organic Facials are made without harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients, fragrances or colors.

So the question is: What kind of ingredients are in that facial? It depends. Some have herbs or fruits in it or a combination of them, enriched with vegetables, flowers and vitamins.

Very popular are algae and aloe vera. Classic and traditional facials are made of mud and clay, which are very powerful cleaning masks.

The results are convincing: The skin will look more toned, refreshed and over time wrinkles and dryness will diminish.

What costs do I have to expect for an Organic Facial? It depends what kind of ingredients it contains. The beauty salons charge around $65.00 and up for that procedure alone. Combined with other treatments, like steam therapy, it could cost much more.

So for those people who can afford visiting a beauty facility, it is o.k. But even individuals on a small budget don’t have to renounce that pleasant experience. I found many recipes for Organic Homemade Facials which are not only easy to make, but are cheap.

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Published by Rosy V