My journey to find healthy Organic meat substitutes

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I am not a Vegetarian –  I eat meat once in awhile and I feel guilty by doing so. Having witnessed the slaughter of a pig when I was a child was a shocking experience that is still haunting me today. I never ever forget seeing this poor pig crying. I never thought pigs can cry. But I was a just a kid and I could not rescue this animal.

I asked myself if it is OK to eat meat? Do we humans need it? Is it healthy? I found out that many important personalities were Vegetarians. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein etc. Why is that? Questions over questions. I am still working on my research to hopefully find the answers.

The problem is, many of us grew up with meat. It tastes very good and some are really addicted to it. I really like to have a nice Barbeque. Most of the time I use lots of Vegetables like Bell Peppers, Corn, Onions, Garlic, Baby Bok Choy, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Tomatoes and much more, – instead of meat. Of course, everything has to be Organic. But I agree, with good sausages or meat it feels more like a traditional Barbecue.

That’s why I am searching for healthy meat- or sausage substitutes. And I am disappointed that our far advanced civilization has not come up yet with more food products that do not require the killing and slaughter of innocent animals. It is just so difficult to find healthy meat substitutes.

I checked out some brands claiming to have healthy ingredients in their meatless products. But when I read the ingredient list I was very skeptical. Most of the companies use cheap unhealthy oils and other ingredients I cannot tolerate. Even the most famous brands were disappointing to me. Of course, some of the items they use are Organic but they mix it with unhealthy substances as well.

On my journey to a more healthy lifestyle I am very picky. Even the spices have to be Organic. In the past I did not know that many spices are contaminated with pesticides. But I learn and try to do better.

I think the food industry has to do a better job by providing us with really healthy, organic food. So I was not very successful in finding the right meat substitute yet. But I don’t give up and keep searching.

My best advise is: Cooking from scratch with only Organic ingredients. In my opinion homecooked meals are the healthiest alternative. So if somebody has really organic recipes for Veggie Burgers, or other meatless foods, I would be happy to review and publish them here on my blog. Your thoughts?


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Published by Rosy V