What is Organic Sulfur? I found out it is an essential mineral every human, animal or plant needs to be healthy. Wow, that’s interesting! Without sufficient sulfur the body gets sick and ages faster.
Elemental sulfur is found near hot springs and in volcanic regions. The Pacific Ring of Fire is a well known place where Sulfur is present.
Sulfur is very helpful for our beauty. It makes hair growing faster and thicker, contributes to healthy strong nails and beautiful firm skin. And its best advantage is, that it eliminates wrinkles to a certain degree.
It is not only helpful for our appearance, it also contributes to a much better health. That is based on the many testimonials I have read. Actually it has so many benefits, they are too many to list here.
I did some research to find very good quality of Organic Sulfur. The product I found is 99.9% pure and manufactured by “No Boundaries”. The company states it has no Fillers, Additives, Allergens nor GMOs. I paid around $25 for 8 ounces. It is not cheap but our health is our treasure and it should be worth every penny we spend.
 “Dosage: Leading researchers recommend a total of 2-8 grams taken per day in multiple, well-spaced doses. The recommended first week dosage is 1 gram twice per day.”
“Directions: Dissolve dose in 2-4 ounces of hot, filtered or deionized water. If you cannot filter or deionize your water, leave tap water overnight as this will help dissipate chlorine. This is important as chlorine may neutralize the transmission of organic sulfur within the body.”
It tastes a little bitter but to me the benefits far outweigh any inconveniences, if any.
Organic Sulfur is available from a variety of manufacturers and the directions for consumption may vary accordingly. I prefer to buy the purest form which is 99.9%.
I also did the “Quality Test”. After drinking the sulfur I left a tiny rest of it in the glass and let it stand in a corner for two days. Then when I held the glass with the already dried residue against the daylight, I saw these beautiful crystals which are a sign of the good quality. So I was convinced.
I will take the sulfur twice every day and cannot wait to see results.
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Published by Rosy V