About a year ago, I started seriously considering the idea of organizing an exhibition to share my art. However, I kept putting it off and I never actually did anything about it.

The problem came down to me being afraid. I was afraid that my work was not good enough. I kept telling myself that I need to create something new, something more original, something more beautiful, something...else.

And that was still true up until the beginning of November. That was when I decided that if I kept putting off this exhibition, I would never actually do it. I knew I was not ready for it. Most of the pieces that I was thinking of using were not even finished. I didn't have many pieces and I had no idea where to start from. But I decided that I would do it anyway.

I realized that what I desperately needed was information. I had no idea how one goes about organizing an art exhibition. So, I put my trust on Google. Unfortunately, either I am very bad at research or I don't know what else but the point is that I couldn't really find the answers to my most important questions. So, I decided to share with you my own journey so that I can both get advice from you and answer your questions if you are in need of help.

The Place

One of the most important things when organizing an event like an exhibition is finding a place to host it. Unfortunately, you can't host an art exhibition in your backyard. Unless you are Aristotelis Onasis. Then you can probably get away with hosting an art exhibition in your basement and have it be a great success.

Anyway. We don't have any galleries in my town (probably because it is such a small town and so close to Thessaloniki), so I couldn't use a gallery. I knew, however, that one of my art tutors was using a local café to show off his work. So that was one idea. Then I remembered that a friend of mine, who is an artist herself and also has a shop that sells art supplies, had told me that I could use the space above her shop where she gives art classes for my exhibition.

After talking to her again about it, she agreed and told me that she would also help me organize everything. I'm still doing most of it myself, but she gives me pointers and brings to my attention details I hadn't thought of.

Preparing the Pieces

So I had found a space to host my exhibition, now I needed to have the pieces that I am going to show off.

In order to decide which ones I wanted to show off to the world, I spread all of my works on the floor and put them all next to each other. Then I looked at them carefully and took out the ones that I didn't think were good enough. And after that I looked at the drawings left and took out a few more drawings which I didn't feel that they went well with the rest. I was left with 8 of my best drawings. Some of them were in graphite and some in coloured pencils, but all of them looked beautiful.

I know that 8 drawings are not a lot. However, the space is not going to be very big and I believe that 8 are enough. Also, I had something else in mind when deciding which drawings I will be using that I will be discussing in a later post.

Moving on, I am now to the point where I have made a decision on the drawings that I wanted to have in the exhibition. So, the next thing I had to do was to make sure that all of the drawings were perfect. Some of them were still unfinished or I needed to add more details to them. I was far from ready and I needed to hurry, if I didn't wish to ridicule myself.

I needed a strict schedule that I would stick to. So, I studied all of my drawings and decided when and for how long I would be working on each one. I am proud to say that by Monday morning all but one of my drawings will be finished. The last one is the one that is going to take me the longest to finish, but I am very optimistic that I will have it ready on time.

Lastly, I had to think about presentation. I wanted to have my drawings framed. That way they are going to look more professional and I can be sure that they will be better protected from anything that might happen. Also, I believe that a framed drawing will make a much better impression than a piece of paper pinned to the wall. It is what separates a professional artist from an amateur.

So, I went to look for frames at a local shop and check out the prices. I eventually decided to use a very simple dark brown frame with a creme paper for the borders around the drawings. The frames are going to be the same for all of the drawings so that they all match and they are going to be very simple so that they don't take the viewers' eyes away from the drawings but instead enhance their beauty.

In next week's post I will add a close up of the frame to show you exactly what I mean.

All of the frames will cost me 150€, which is a very good price for 8 frames 3 of which are A3 size and one is 50cm x 50cm. The rest of them are smaller but only one is smaller than an A4 sized paper. The shop owner will cut the border paper and frame them and I will pick them up a week later. In fact, 5 of the 8 drawings are already framed and tomorrow I am going to pick them up and bring them home. 

I went by the shop on Wednesday and saw how they looked framed. They are just soooooo pretty! I couldn't believe those were MY drawings. They looked as if they were made by an experienced artist! I swear that framing them was the best decision I have ever made in my life. It made a huge difference and oooh I'm just so happy!

*Cough, cough* Let's forget my momentary virtual hysterics.

On Monday morning, I am going to take the other two drawings to shop to be framed and I will only have one more left. As soon as that is done, I just know that a huge weight is going to be lifted from my shoulders.

That was the first part of my Art Exhibition Organization series. Come back next week to learn about my progress and news.

And if you are interested, I have a giveaway running on my blog and Facebook page at the moment to celebrate the holidays and my first art show. Feel free to enter. It will be running until 01.01.2017.

That was all from me. Now it's your turn...

Are you an artist? Have you  ever organized an art show? What advice would you give me for my exhibition? And if you are not an artist yourself, do you like art? What is your favorite style/type of art/artist/etc?

Tell me all about it in the comments below...

P.S. Sorry for saying the word exhibition so many times. I just couldn't think of another word or phrase to use right now.

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