If my vital organs

are taken away,

I pray they're not

the hands or eyes

then my passions

shall have to be sacrificed

all poetry and prose

and scribbling verse,

and then,  

I'd be the living dead.

What if one day, you lose your vital organs necessary to perform acts for the sake of passion? Losing the hands or legs needed to perform work makes you a burden, but losing the vital organs needed to act out passion is heartbreak. A husband with broken limbs making.love to his wife for the first time. A poet who has lost his right or left hand and could no longer write. A seamstress who has lost her vision and could no longer be delighted working with her hands.

While there is a family history of vision loss, and I take safety precautions with my myopic vision, would there be one day come a time when I'd have to sacrifice my own passions, and will I be ready? Will my family comfort me?


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo