This book will make you aware of how we are living in an artificial realtime environment, a video game which has some rules, codes, patterns. Discover how your mind and the software 'UNIVERSE' conspires together and hallucinate you. Your will discover, that you have a miraculous 'Antimatter' (that is always there with you but you never used it), which can create wonders to your life.
It will open your eyes and show you that a continuous battle is going around between Light and the Darkness everywhere. The darkness wants you to be a Dwarf. You will be able to figure out the presence of Darkness in your relationships too.
There are some scientific experiments disclosed in the book, through which one can come out his body, and can realise that everything in the universe is 'Static' like a JPEG image.
It will tell you every reason, why people suffer from mental stress or body malfunctioning. With a proper diagnosis of how your body is absorbing and processing the energy it's getting from the universe, you will be able to channelise it properly for your betterment.
This book will tell you why some jobs, relationships, or decisions wouldn't work in your life. How to find the purpose of your life, and how to understand the secret language of Universe.
With technological advancements, we have stopped being us. We have gone far away from nature and from God. Nature is easier to get back to, but to reach God can prove to be a task. But it can happen. You just need to calm your mind down and you will have access to Magic. If you are going through a grind then trust the process. This grind is the process through which Universe gives us an opportunity to consciously filter all our impurities. Learn the techniques of how to tame your mind. How to LET GO things scientifically. Discover how and when will you encounter your soul mate. Why you see the miraculous code 11:11 and what's the message behind it.

This book is about listening to your soul and following your dreams. Radiate at full capacity every moment. Do not listen to those (even if they are your close ones) who keep reminding you that you are not good at something, or that you cannot do something. Surround yourself with those who trust you and who help you to be yourself. Believe in God, believe in your dreams, and above all believe in yourself, because now we know the fact that the level of belief we have on ourselves is equal to the belief God will have on us.

This book will provide every tool and technique that connects you with the 'SOFTWARE' called universe. These techniques were never ever discovered in the history of mankind. After reading it, if you follow the techniques, your body malfunctioning will either take a pause or will end (if you have any). You will have a peace of mind and will never require any tranquilizer to shut it down, 
Hope you will have a better life after reading it.


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Published by Nishant Dutt