In 2016 daddy and I celebrated our very first father's day. On that special day, I wrote a post just for my daddy to show him how special he is. Father's day was was months ago but I want to remind daddy that he is special to me every day. I hope it inspires you to tell you fathers that you love them. There is no reason to wait until father's day.

It’s Daddy’s day! Today we celebrate our daddies, and thank them for all the things they do that make our days brighter. I love my daddy! He is the best daddy ever!

This year is the first time that my daddy gets to celebrate Father’s Day, so it is extra special for us. Mommy brought me shopping so that we could get daddy a present. I helped pick out the card! Mommy narrowed it down to two, and I decided which one we would get. I hope daddy likes it.

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My daddy and I have so much fun together. He is so funny! I tell him so every day with my smiles and giggles. Daddy goes out of his way to entertain me and I really appreciate that. Daddy is my favourite toy of all, but he doesn’t fit into my toy chest.

Baby and man hands.

My hand is so small

My daddy has big hands! I feel so safe and secure when daddy holds me. I’m not even afraid when we play the airplane game. Daddy holds me, tummy down on his forearm, and flies me around the room. It makes me laugh out loud.

My funny daddy made up a dance just for me. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Daddy does his dance to make me smile. When I’m upset, it always makes me happy again. It’s a silly dance that daddy does only for me. It makes me feel special.

On weekends, daddy and I lounge on the couch in the mornings. That’s our relaxing time. We snuggle and watch tv together. It’s one of the best parts of the week. I wish daddy was home in the morning every day, but usually he’s gone to work by the time I get up.

Smiling infant sitting on a lap

Playing with daddy is so much fun

When I get older, daddy and I will be able to do even more together. We’ll play in the park and daddy will teach me how to catch and throw a ball. Daddy will show me how things work. One day, daddy will even teach me how to drive! Then I’ll be able to go all sorts of places on my own.

Even when I’m a big girl, with a driver’s license, I’ll still love my daddy and I will need him for advice and guidance. Just as importantly, I will need my daddy on days when I feel low. I know my daddy will always bring a smile to my face. Today is my turn to make my daddy smile. I wish my daddy the best Father’s Day and I hope he knows how much I love him.

Happy Father’s Day!

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