“Love is blind, and a deaf-mute too.” — The Wise Man’s Fear, Patrick Rothfuss

Have you ever fallen in love?

The feeling of intense happiness as your hearts flutter when you see your significant other. The unconscious smile on your face when you look at her, the sudden increased pitch in your voice when you speak, the euphoria you feel rising through you chest.

I have been thinking about this feeling, this emotion that seemed to be unexplainable through words but only known through experience. Most of the time, we do not recognise that love had struck us, we do not realise that we are paying extra attention to that person such as the way they dressed, the way they tied their hair or the way they walked. And sometimes, the effects that we are feeling from being in love can make us go blind.

The tugging of our hearts when we fall in love skew our perception of reality. It skews our opinion of the other person. A person that normally we would find annoying might be tolerable when we are in love with them, a person that we think might not be our type might be someone that we fall head over heels for when we are in love. Sometimes, when they do a bad thing, we ignored consciously ignore it even though our ‘not-in-love’ selves might have raised it up.

I am sure some of us have experienced this before, we are skewed to only look at the good side of the person, their physical appearance, their character and the decisions that they make. It seems that we are somehow scared to offend them because we love them.

However, I am not saying that falling in love is all that bad and should be avoided at all costs, instead, I am saying that we should still hold on to the moral compass within ourselves even when we fall in love so that we can still differentiate the right from wrong, the good from the bad.

This is just my opinion on love from my everyday observations of people.


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Published by Mohamad Hakim