We began planning this trip on December 2015, the plan was simple! to surround Ireland, free to stop anywhere and as often as we want.

We didn’t book any hotels in advance which was a little risky since there were 10 of us, family and friends and we didn’t want to be limited on when or where to travel.

We arrived to Dublin from London where we stayed for 4 days before, on the morning of April 23rd.

Day 1

Right after we landed we headed to Hertz, rented a volkswagen transporter and hit the road.

Our first stop was the vibrant Temple Bar, we had dinner and explored Dublin

Day 2
We stayed in a hotel which was an hour away from Dublin, woke up pretty early had breakfast and headed to Powerscourt, a nice place to start off the trip

then we drove to the stunning Wicklow Mountains, took a little hike and had coffee, it's a beautiful place and I would highly recommend anyone who's in Ireland to make a stop there and hike.

We found available rooms in a hotel in Kilkenny, on our way there we came across an amazing lookout

Day 3

We started driving early morning to Mitchelstown Cave, the drive to the cave and the area around was even more beautiful than the destination. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures in the cave, it's a nice place but if you're not interested in caves you can skip it.

Our second stop was the Jameson distillery

We wandered in the area for a few more hours, had dinner and spent the night in a hotel in Cork.

Day 4

Our first stop was a nice beach in Cork, unfortunately I can't remember it's name, then we drove to Drombeg Stone Circle

finally the highlight of the day was Mizen Head, we spent a few hours there and couldn't get enough of the perfect sights, after exploring the place we made coffee in the back of the transporter and took in the view.


We stayed the night in the fancy Dromhall Hotel in Killarney.

Day 5

First we drove to Muckross - Torc a lovely place where we explored the castle area, took a carriage ride and enjoyed the waterfalls. You can skip everything there except the waterfalls I would have preferred walking than taking a carriage and just enjoy the lake and the waterfalls.

Our next stops were the Black Valley, Ladies View and the area around, they were definitely some of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen, we ditched the transporter, walked and ran for hours among the fresh air and perfect mountains

We stayed the night in Murphy's farmhouse in Castlemaine, a lovely bed and breakfast where we were welcomed by the friendly owner Mary and her mother, you can find them here.

Day 6

We explored Dingle Peninsula and came across beautiful beaches and lookouts

We stayed the night in a hotel in Milltown and explored the town at night looking for a place to watch a football match and we came across the lounge bar, the owner was very friendly and was nice enough to let us order pizza to the bar, we had funny and awesome conversations with him and a wonderful time in his bar.

Day 7

We started our day with the Cliffs of Moher

then crossed the border to Northern Ireland and drove to Belfast where we stayed the night (with a few pretty stops on the way obviously)

Day 8

We explored Belfast in the morning did a little shopping, then hit the road to Giant's Causeway

our next stop was Bushmills distillery and then we had dinner in a town called Portush and headed to our Airbnb in a town called Kilkeel, we booked it in a short notice and it was one the best places I ever stayed in, the owner Conleth was very friendly and responsive, gave us helpful recommendations and made sure we had a perfect stay, the house was very spacious and clean, the view outside was stunning and we even had a bbq at night, it was one of the highlights of our trip. You can find the house here.

Day 9

We woke up to the breathtaking view from our Airbnb, made breakfast and got ready for our long drive to Dublin, but our transporter had other plans and it didn't start! so we called Hertz to send help and ended up being stuck there for 5 hours, fortunately we were stuck in our perfect Airbnb and just hung out there and walked around the area which wasn't too bad

Apparently they let us rent the transporter with too little amount of something called AdBlue which can cause the transporter not to start if it's too low and you can't find this stuff anywhere except for volkswagen shops, we went to two different towns and many gas stations while we waited for the mechanic and asked if they had it and no one heard of it, we also needed a huge amount of that stuff and the mechanic didn't have enough and needed to call for more. The transporter wasn't supposed to leave the rental dealership in that situation according to the mechanic, so if you ever rent a volkswagen transporter take note!

We later finally drove the long way to Dublin and stayed the night there.

Day 10

It was the day of our flight home so we pretty much spend most of it in the airport.

Ireland was one of the best trips of my life, the Irish are some of the friendliest, warmest and most hospital people I’ve ever met. While Ireland itself is beautiful it's the Irish people that make it perfect, they have this amazing charisma that just makes you happy.

You'll want to visit Ireland for the beautiful sights and stay for the amazing people.

I will be posting a video of the trip soon so stay tuned!

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