I'm sick to my stomach. I'm scared. I'm not the media so I am not sensationalizing the reality of this pain. I'm only reacting to the initial information regarding the death of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, but I cannot help believe what is happening across our nation is an epidemic of such magnitude that a revolt is in order. We don't know what justice is anymore, there are far too many variations on the reality of our society.

How can I possibly look into the eyes of my students of color and suggest there is a solution? School needs to be in session immediately in every family's home, starting tonight. We need to recognize there is a different set of rules that is permeating our society that is far more lethal than the Civil Rights movement of the 60's. We were bold-faced then, and in each other's faces trying to figure out solutions. Today, we are told there is a pretense of over-reaction.

We need to be honest and rather than keep our doors closed to disconnect from the problem, face the reality that we are the society at fault, not the misunderstood privileged stereotype we choose to hide behind. This is not our life being threatened. There is nothing, absolutely nothing in my life that measures to the degree of severity every Black person I know experiences when they walk out their door every day of their lives.

We need to shut up with our rationalizations and begin to acknowledge this horrific reality exists and our society needs to stop blaming an entire culture's desire to simply stay alive and live their lives.

Published by Thom Amundsen