When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was check the news.  I was disappointed when I found out that Donald Trump is going to be the president of the United Sates.  Ugh… that was just gross to type.  Afterwards, I had to have a conversation with my Lord and Savior, because something that I don’t normally care about was clouding my head.  We talked and, now, I look at this presidential election as God’s way of getting us the put more faith in Him.  We should not put our faith in Donald Trump to take care of our country.  We shouldn’t have faith in any man for that matter.  But because we are so consumed with what the media tells us, we immediately lose hope when someone we don’t want becomes the leader of our country.  We can’t lose our hope or faith; we must redirect where it goes and we should pour all of it into God.  We should never put all our trust into a man who certainly isn’t perfect but give it to ONE WHO IS.  I’m not worried anymore because I am going to trust Him and He’s already worked it out.  He has blessed us so much this far and He will never stop.  On top of that, I think I’m going to adopt the Obama’s and pretend that they’re my First Family until God figures all this Trump stuff out.