Wow, I’ve never been so quiet in my life.. I mean, since I was a kid everyone used to tell me I was a quiet girl but the real thing was that I had so many ideas in my head that I never knew how to let them out in a proper way.. That’s when I found out about writing.. It started from the most typical way it could, from a diary. And let me tell you, it sucked. When I wrote that I realized that my life was nothing more than going to school, eating, do my homework and watch tv. And what would a little girl would do? I mean at that age I guess it was normal. But now it pretty much feels like crap.

I’ve always hated routines.. And at the same time loved them.. I don’t understand that really because lately I’ve realized that my life it’s an endless routine. Yeah, when I have a good time I don’t even realize about it, maybe because I’m in love, I’m doing something that makes me feel exited that I don’t even care if I do it everyday. The real problem comes when I get bored easily, that’s when I know something is going wrong..

That’s when I decide to let my writing, drawing and everything just pop out.. My artsy side always makes me feel like I get out of this world. At least just a little bit.. But that little it’s enough.

Or isn’t?

Published by Miranda Hernandez