i used to not believe in those things
because they usually end up broken
but we signed up for a life-long marathon
turning a blind eye from consequences
there’s no point turning back now
impressively, we made it this far
bystanders frown as they lost their bets
surprised at how much we’ve covered

it’s not easy
especially for the first few months
too old to be a child throwing a tantrum
because she couldn’t get what she wants
distance was one, but as in time, how long?
endurance was never ever effortless
the ship has never sailed smoothly
withstanding was never a breeze

distractions replace the thoughts of you
they temporary fill up the uneven cracks
of my feeble heart that quietly suffers
behind the convincing lies my smile tells
i grew to hate more romance books
and dramas displayed on the telly
people often find me envying pairs
that hold hands on the busy streets

countdowns help me go through the day
one day closer to seeing one another
face to face -and not through a screen
where we’re truly legitimate to each other
where if your fingers reach out for mine
you will indeed feel genuine warmth
and as usual, we take at least minutes
to gather the fact that we’re here

same time
same place
no longer two dots on a map
but that one destination that we’ve always dreamed of

Published by Abigail Tan