In today’s highly competitive and crazily internet friendly world, if you want to make your business prominent and saleable, you must advertise in a big way. No business can survive the onslaught of competitors in this fast paced world of too many products and supply being higher than the demand.

So what to do to make you prominent?

Advertise, advertise and advertise some more…

The key to your consumers and customers knowing you is through the right kind of advertisements. Outdoor advertising happens to be one way and if you live in Australia, you are home safe, for STT advertising will come to your rescue at any time and for all kinds of products.

You can select from two methods of outdoor advertising in Australia:

  • Billboards advertising
  • Signage advertising

About billboard advertising

So, all of your requirements for any kind of static billboard advertising can be handled, whether it is to secure the sites or print. You will get:

  • Site specific campaigns
  • Ease of releasing all static billboard advertisements
  • You can have roadside 6* 3 advertising format

So, if you are looking for billboard advertising, you have nothing to worry about as all of it can be easily handled.

About supersite billboard advertising

One of the main advantages of supersite billboard advertising is that these billboards are placed in very niche areas like highways, freeways, and arterials. It is their positioning that makes them not just visible rather in your face and makes them completely (un) missable.

The supersite billboard size reaches up to 12.66m* 3.35m.

Supersite billboards are available all across the nation and you can select your site as per your requirement.

Signage options- another method of outdoor advertising

One another way of outdoor advertising is signage options. Having signage put up in various prominent locations is one apt way of outdoor advertising. Say, for example, petrol pumps—these draw a huge number of vehicles throughout the day and night, thereby making the content put up on the signage very clear to all the passers-by.

Thus advertising with the help of signage options can be very fruitful as far as the outdoor advertising is concerned. Here is more about signage options:

  • Signage is always placed at the eye level of the entry points of the prominent locations, like petrol pumps.
  • Signage is always placed in important locations, which are usually ‘the only’ place available to buy fuel or other consumer goods. Which is why advertising through signage almost always works.
  • The size of signage is 841mm W* 1189mm H

About trailer billboards

Trailer billboards are huge billboards (36 square meters of advertising space split across two panels) that are placed on the private property that faces major highways or freeways. These are placed in such a manner that any moving vehicle is bound to see them. These are:

  • These are filled with loads of colors, have high impact campaigns and are weatherproof.

These can be used as welcome boards when entering a property or can be used as ‘making an impression’ kind of boards.