Hello beautiful souls! #fashionlovers Just when I tought that this week will bring a lot of rain and cold weather, I got surprised. Out of nowhere the sun came out and brought us a beautiful, sunny day. As I had a day off from work, I decided to go around the city and enjoy the fresh air and the last sunshines of this week. Today I felt really creative, so I decided to do something different with my outfit. As some of you maybe know, I am a big lover of oversized and long t-shirts, so I combined two of my favourites one. I took one long white t-shirt and put it under my new "leopard print" t-shirt, which I got as a gift from C&A. At first I was really sceptic, how would that look, but I must say I really liked the final result. And what is the most important, I felt comfortable and ready to seize the day. And because I also love to do the details on my outfit i rolled together the sleeves of the two t-shirt, which looked really nice. I also put on a Jacques Lemans F1 watch, Carrera sunglasses and my new favourite bag from Hofer. For the shoes I choose Nike, with this nice neon laces, which I think goes perfectly with the outfit and gives it a special vibe.

Published by Damjan Francic