When I attend to the current events of the day or week, I wonder what type of response I will have. 

There is a lot of emotion swirling around and I find that media and public alike, are just doing what feels the strongest. Knee jerk reactions are rampant.

Hot is the wire and this does not predict change or awareness, in my opinion. Just more chaos. Once news and social media decides to speak in whispers instead of shouts, cooler heads do prevail and ears become clear from the ringing.

I do appreciate what is going on. 
Silence is being broken and world wide awareness is at its peak. 
This is evolution. This is the natural order of life...

My simple request is for there to be open hearts and minds. Everyone would benefit from not resisting vulnerability. Be more compassionate with one another about being in that space. Sooth and support each other instead of berating, criticism, and ridicule. Fear of such torments are catalyst for misjudgments and hate. 

Can we put more strength behind balancing the human condition instead, how we are as human beings, instead of how we are aesthetically? Can we redefine what it means to be us with more acceptance and compassion?

Yes, I am actually asking the question. This is not rhetorical. 

A sobering thought for some to actually focus on what is at our core. A sobering thought for some to admit that your drag is not what makes you part of all this. A sobering thought for some to accept that we all have contributed to this mess we are in and that we are all responsible for cleaning it up.


Published by JoeLyn Writes