So recently i had a discussion with what i though were intelligent people.... anyway! One of them decided that is was a good idea to spit some none sens about dreams don't always cone true. So i decided to post an old short motivation speech!



I'm feeling really sick of the twist of what my life as become. Thinking that the one person that i trust the most other than myself would let me down like down. I maid mistakes and i've accept them. But making me not forget about them is really hard to swallow.


I ask myself why haven't i try to do something else. I believe in myself and i know that i'm going to make it! Don't know when, how and when...but it will happen.


Right now i'm over my head with ridiculous thoughts that my dream is far away because i let myself doubt from what other people are saying.



I don't why but my feeling is to strong...i'm gonna make it! Its just a matter of time! Patience is the key in everything! I will make it with hard work and patience success will be nocking at my door!


Hopefully when it happens i will not be over my head!

Published by PJ Jacob