Something many people don’t know about me is the many years I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. People that haven’t really experienced these problems might not understand the severity of them, however when a person has anxiety and especially panic attacks they physically present with symptoms.

​These symptoms look different for many but with myself I would get an overwhelming sense that I was going to die or something bad was going to happen. I would also begin to black out at times and come very close to passing out. This can become debilitating at times. The most amazing part of all this was that I even suffered with these as a Christian.
I had originally been delivered completely when I first became Born Again into a Spirit filled church. They taught healing and I received it. I was actually healed of many different sicknesses and diseases I’d gained through my life of sin, drinking and drugs. I was actually a very sick girl. After receiving The Lord that first time I was supernaturally delivered. Praise the Lord. I didn’t have to try, I simply just never had another panic attack again. On my first day of Church I was touched so mightily I never needed to fear again as I had received the love of God which expels ALL fear.

Unfortunately that Spirit filled church became very controlling. The oversight that had been put over us was no longer hearing from God and she would accuse us continually of things we were not even doing. They began to teach that if you left the church you were no longer saved.

My husband and I both began dreading to see this woman as all she would do is criticize you. Accusing you of being in pride etc. She was paranoid and always thinking people were thinking badly about the ministry. Although it began to be hard not to feel annoyed at the constant attack. I wore jeans at church one day (like many other ministers there) and was rebuked from the microphone by her and told if I want to be a minister I must dress like one. I obeyed, feeling annoyed at times when even the Apostle would be wearing jeans.

I don’t write this to have a whinge or even put them down but to draw a picture of the constant stress we were under in the one place that should have been our refuge. They believed in total submission, even when they were wrong.

My point to sharing that is it was the cause of my panic attacks returning. The Spirit of God was no longer moving as they were bound under the law and everyone was noticing it. Healings had stopped and were only coming out of new converts here or there.

My husband and I began crying out to God, when we learnt about the Covenant God had made with us. Let me reassure you, anxiety and panic attacks are not sent from God to teach you something. They are sent from Satan to destroy you (John 10:10) don’t allow Satan to convince you otherwise.

After learning Covenant teachings and applying the Word I was set free. I want to encourage you in this today. Although I was originally completely set free from them, I allowed the fear back in through not rejecting it by faith. This is also the importance of being in a Spirit filled ,faith filled Church. Having people around you confessing the Word to every problem.

So here is what I did to see my breakthrough. It wasn’t as simple as my first deliverance as I battled this inside the controlling church.
So this is how I saw my complete victory come to pass:

#I was diligent with spending time with The Lord every day in prayer and Word.

# I cast down any fear thoughts and replaced them with the Word of God. This is important. It is not merely doing the act that will see you get your victory but refusing to believe the lie and renewing your mind to the truth of The Word. I decided to choose one scripture that I would meditate on constantly. In my time with the Lord I continued to read the entire Word as it’s important to learn and understand God’s character. Having a good foundation in Covenant is essential to understanding scripture as it is a book of Covenants.

(Isa 41:10 [KJV])
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
I would meditate on that scripture in good times and stop and receive it into myself in the bad. Whenever I felt the panic attack rising up I would reject it, trust in God and speak or think about Isaiah 41:10. After a few days of meditating on it, I could feel Jesus speaking it to me. Another great useful thing to do as you are in the midst of a panic attack is to breathe in slowly for the count of 5 and to breathe out slowly for the count of five. Do this approx. five times. This will relax your blood vessels so they are no longer constricting. That is the reason the body will blackout or feel nauseas. So to relax your breathing while receiving the scripture is perfect.
This was my breakthrough right there. Within 2 months I was once again set free. Because we are now a part of a faith filled church and loving life and loving God, anxiety for me is just a thing of the past. God is no respecter of persons. I can tell you now that if you will put your trust in God and decide to walk in boldness towards the Word, you too will never see anxiety or panic attacks in your life again.
Remember the Word of God is powerful. Faith will come by hearing. Hearing comes through the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)
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Be blessed and know that we are here for you.
Blessings Carol Eddington. xx

Published by Carol Eddington