Real world is not the business.  You have been waiting the whole time to accept a job position.  The reality of it is you will be paid minimum wage and it may be part time.  But is it really enough? The answer is no.  I was contacted saying I was offered a position.  It is part-time and part-time does not pay rent. Taking this position is an opportunity I feel like I need to take.  I am applying for other part-time jobs because I do not want to pass this up, I can't.  At a time like this, you want do everything you can to make it happen.  And at a time like this you would think your family would be supportive, but no.  In the moment, they suck.  Yes, I just said that.  I know it is my responsibility but still they suck.  I feel like I am driving myself crazy.  Isn't it better to accept the job and come out even with rent and income to gain strong experience versus sitting at home doing nothing and not gaining experience to take my next step.  So what I think I am trying to say is HELP! When you think being a poor college student is not a thing anymore, you're wrong because it is a problem still.

Send me advice. Send me money? Make me famous? 

Published by Lauren Emi