If you ever found yourself following the latest trends or you consider yourself a true trendsetter then you would be definitely hyped and excited by the latest trend.
Not only its super chic and up to date but it`s extremely comfortable, loose and soft. You don`t have to follow the fashion blindly, now you can actually enjoy it. You can feel free and more like being you now more than ever, and nothing less than that. You will be loving it.

Have you ever tried some sweater maybe from the man`s section in your favorite store, or maybe wearing that oversized hoodie from your male friend? Feels like a hug, feels like a cozy bed on a rainy afternoon. Now try one of your fitted dresses for a night out, feels tight and almost painful, feeling “caged” and sort of not able to dance to your favorite song in the disco. You can do the math. Now you can have it all with this latest trend, you can have the coziness and be that stylish fashion-forward girl that is the perfect example of a fashionista. If this sounds too good to be true you should check out buddha trends they are a Canadian company that is sending The Message to the strong women to be unique and impeccable and stay loyal to themselves, and buy and wear clothes that represent exactly that. They are truly divine and are setting the bar high and without a doubt are aiming to create a better world where women shouldn’t compromise being comfortable by all costs. They are meticulously creating pieces from breathable fabrics, skin friendly and are committed to creating something that everyone can find themselves in additionally they`ve even thought that women do come in all sizes and shapes and created fashionable clothes from petite to 6XL sizes. If you are sort of new to this particular trend, you can follow up with this simple suggestions or advice, and examples. It`s just something to consider when buying this type of oversized clothing.

If you want to properly rulle this trend you should buy clothes that are maybe two times bigger than the size you are wearing. In terms of what colors you should be wearing, best-oversized colors are all shades of grey, black and white and beige, or the so-called neutrals and pastel. But if you do consider yourself brave you can experiment with more vivid flashy colors. But if you want to keep things simple on the other hand, instead of experimenting with colors, you can experiment with mixing textures. Forget about all the old rules, this trend is about breaking all the old ones, more “go with the flow” of what feels right. Forget about matching the clothing, avoid all that unnecessary fuss. Finery is completely overrated.

•    Oversized shirts
One of the best tips it would be to tuck your shirt only in the front. It will give you a number of advantages like looking boldly and you will sort of achieve the effect of relaxation and carelessness. Furthermore, it will elongate your body and make your waist look slimmer.

•    Long Oversized Hippie Dresses
You can`t possibly go without oversized midi or maxi dress. Depending on the season there are various ways to combine them. Wear them with flats, sneakers, sandals or ankle boots. And you can over-throw a denim jacket or a leather one or a plaid blazer maybe. And in spring or summer, floral prints are a must.

•    Oversized trousers
Don’t even dare to forget the “oldie but goldie” pair of trousers that you must have in your wardrobe. You can combine them with literally everything, in variations from casual everyday style to a business one. Combine them with an oversized blouse that will add up a good amount of points to getting that fashionable, effortless but so comfortable look.

•    Oversized sweaters, pullovers, and cardigans
Polish your look by getting this ultra-chic piece of clothing. Even better, maybe you can get some sweater dress that you can wear with high- knee socks and some trendy knee-length boots or short ankle ones. Sweaters will undoubtedly go well with skirts with rather a form-fitting cut below your knees and some comfortable yet fashionable shoes.

•    Oversized Coats
It is absolutely a good investment when you find and buy the perfect coat. Nowadays, we have a diversity of materials, but the highest- quality it’s the one from wool. It will be the perfect “cherry on top” for your winter combinations, just throw it on every combination with a good scarf and it will most likely improve your style for 110%.  Don’t miss out on the oversized denim coats for the spring days, for achieving the ultimate fashionable look.

Published by Mudassar Ali