How profound it is,
To love someone,
You have never met.

The painful profound,
Y’ll can conjure up memories,
Of those hasten lost loves,
The ones You wish you never lost.

The lustful intensity,
The feelings of high,
Those delusional fantasies,
The one you escaped on ecstasies.

For people,
You’ve never met,
And you may never meet,
The People who reflects you back on your heels.

In the midst of 2 am,
When the world is at Its hubris peace,
I glimmer under the layers of quilt,
Of the embodiment of emotions that I have built.

I dedicate this to all,
From, insomniacs, like me,
To the stories we have read and seen,
And the characters we have made our beings.

Painful profound!

Published by Naba Mehdi