At one of our last days in Cyprus we were searching for a tent spot as usual in the evening. We walked along the coast until we ended up at an old Bunker construction, which created a strong contrast in shape and surface of the surrounding paradise landscape. We took a rest in the shade of the building, explored it from the inside and eventually decided to stay for the night.

While sitting in the sand we looked back on the coastal lines we had walked along. On one of the capes not far away was a big farm building which we had crossed and which seemed to be abandoned, like many other buildings in Cyprus. Seeing it from a distance made me fantasize about having a similar place, a big storehouse, to use as an atelier and to store my art. William and I then had a conversation about the habit of imagining nice surroundings, or even achievements, which we both often do, and how satisfying it feels when the mind wanders off, but that it might as well be dangerous and counterproductive to dream of the accomplishment and not of the process itself. This way we excuse ourselves for being lazy and set ourselves limits where there are none.

I had not been painting as much as I felt like in Cyprus, because I thought I needed at least a canvas and a room to work in. I didn't see the canvas right in front of me. When I jumped up and started to paint on the cold concrete it felt fantastic.

We are still on the road.

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Published by Lena and William Sikker