This is the first real painting I have done since the beginning of our travel. It felt so good, the paint, the canvas, the coal, the brushes, to touch it, wipe over it, let it transform.

Marcus and Lucy gave me the canvas and showed me also how to make some canvasses completely myself. It feels nice to know, that this usually quite expensive material can be made by me with the simplest of resources. That’s the direction I like to go with my art, to not buy the latest fashion – but rather work with what I got, make and invent unique tools, like I used to already do from time to time when painting in Hamburg. Recycle and as they say up cycle. Most importantly, not to be or feel limited by the price and therefore exclusiveness of materials to create with – because it is an illusion.

We are still on the road.

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Published by Lena and William Sikker