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Today I'm going to talk to you about foundation and as a pale person with not an amazing budget can afford so I've picked my favourite places to get my make up from and Yays and Nays about them to!

So let's get started!

Firstly, I am going to start with my inexpensive foundation to my most expensive, including one of my favourite places to shop but not having my colour in foundations.

My favourite place to get my make up from which are very good quality and super inexpensive would be Kiko Milano.  I first discovered Kiko when I went to London White City Mall for a conference with a previous job I was in at the time and my super stylish colleague Rosie introduced me to them when we finished and was about to go home. I absolutely love Kiko Milano. The pigmentation of their products down to their affordable price point, the colours and wide range of their products are beautiful! As a strong Kiko Milano lover I wanted to get my foundation from there. I was interested in one of their products but found that by talking to a staff member in the shop that I wont be able to find one in Kiko as I am too pale. Kiko Milano, I absolutely love your products but please please make a pale foundation and I will never look back!!!

If I am having a real financial crisis and the empty foundation stress is real then I will always opt for the Rimmel Match Perfection. It is by far the most inexpensive foundation with a full coverage and very pigmented foundation I have found being a pale pasty. It has an accessible pump which helps when applying to a brush or the back of your hand. It doesn't dry your skin out the formula is slimpy amazing for such a high street brand. I really think if you are pale and you do have trouble finding a foundation that isnt necessarily going to break your bank then this is the foundation for you! It does have more of a pink understone which sometimes is hard to find when your me!

Another foundation I would like to talk about is Mac. Now Mac is completely out of my price range on a daily basis so I've never had the opportunity of using it until now! Mac is a beautiful brand, my fiance's mother was getting married back in June and before that I had helped one of my friends for a trial make up run before hand for the Mac store in the mall where I used to live. I was primed and full faced Mac and I was so impressed I was loving how it felt on my skin. It didnt dry my skin out and didnt have that oil layer that scares me when trying new foundations. The coverage was full and amazing, just like how i would expect a mac makeover to be.  Its super pigmented and just buffs out beautifully. When my fiance saw me happy and feeling good about myself he went to mac and bought the exact foundation which I can tell you now is called the Studio Fix in shade NW10. The only downfall I found with mac was the packaging, overall its a beautiful product but to get the product out of the packaging can take a bit of time especially if your in a rush. However saying that I am impatient and always leave my face to the last minute. So feel free to ignore that but I am just one of those fussy people who wants an applicator or nosel to be able to get to the product quicker.

Another foundation I have tried out is the N07 colour match range, when you have your face scanned and they match it to the best foundation for your skin tone. I really enjoyed the experience and the staff was so lovely, I was asked what type of foundation I like, if I want it be radiant or matt. I loved the idea of my skin looking fresh so naturally I always go for radiant foundation. I was super excited to find out what colour I was. On first impressions, I loved the packaging, it came with a pump applicator.  I bought the instant radiant foundation in the colour Calico. Its easy to apply, the only thing i find is that i thought the colour would be very pale however it adds an orange tone to my skin and makes me look darker than I am other than that I am impressed by it.

FullSizeRender (3)

The swatch on the left is the No7 foundation as you can see to the foundation on the right is the studio fix Mac in colour NW10.

So overall, I would like to say thank you for reading and if you know of any other inexpensive products that do the trick, comment in my comment box below.

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