My eyes are hot Blooming with fresh tears I don't know why I'm crying There's nothing wrong here "Calm down. " she says I take a shaky breath Yet the tears seem to fall faster I feel weak in the knees And tell her, "Can't. " in one breath How could I calm down when I didn't even know what was wrong with me? I wasn't sad My face was wet with tears My eyes glossy as I squeezed them shut I pulled my knees up to my chest I took breath after breath And my chest got tighter I was oblivious I was having a panic attack My throat felt so thick Like swallowing dirt and sand My head was pounding The tears never-ending seeming My chest swelled and then stopped hurting My heart slowed down to a calm beat And I heard her again say, "Why? " And I told her the truth "Because you're here. " And the tears spilled over my eyelashes again. I panic.

Published by Ausja'ray Robinson