Even though it took me two nights to read The Girl Who Walked On Air by Emma Carroll, I definitely would find the time to read again in one sitting. This book was a great read, I felt connected to the characters, some maybe more than others. *cough* Gabriel *cough*.

The story is centred around Louie Reynolds, she has grown up on a Victorian Era circus after been abandoned as a baby. She spends her days selling tickets, sewing and mending costumes. And dreaming. Dreaming of being the circus' show-stopper as she is hiding away her talent and passion for the tightrope. Her hopes are only heightened after she witnesses a terrible accident. The owner of the circus, Mr Chipchase, refuses to let her dream become a reality. That is until Louie meets two characters who unexpectedly come into her life with amazing opportunities to offer.

Louie is a strong character, she is very determined to get what she wants. For being a young girl, she is very mature for her age. Even if her judgement of character is a little off now and then. This book is filled with character development, every character has their reasons for being there. And Emma Carroll captures this beautifully. The amount of attention this author has given to the details really makes you feel like you're in the book and amongst the characters.

Reading Louie's journey truly feels like you're taking your own adventure. It's like a rollercoaster of emotions, before the second chapter you are hit with excitement and sorrow. By the end, you will be blown away from the fire and strive that this young girl has in her. Very empowering.

Yes, this book is aimed at younger readers, but I think everyone has experienced the issues raised in the story. So, I would recommend The Girl Who Walked On Air to anyone.

Published by Beth Gleghorn