On the main blog I always talk about seeing signs. I don't really mean prophetic things sent down from God but rather when I notice two or so of the same idea repeating themselves - maybe it's my subconscious telling me what needs to happen or something like that. So today's one is about having fun while you're working. I was watching a Justin escalona thing and he was talking about when making daily vlogs it eventually made him miserable calculating his every daily move, reaction and every little iota until eventually he had curated this video but had forgotten to enjoy his life in the meantime. Of course this has nothing to do with daily blogging, that shit is literally nothing but rather with this whole working thing. In pursuit of these dreams or whatever I'm really looking for from all this I'm making myself work for no reason and no amount of looking at a cool future can salve that wound. I've started caring more about the future gains that just being happy in the moment. This doesn't really mean stopping revising but rather to do it for the sake of improving myself not these strange esoteric goals in the future. That ultimately will be more successful and I'll be able to keep it up for longer. Work for the sake of working as et says.

Published by Kevin Li