What’s your backstory?


I was born in Dominican Republic, a third world country. I graduated from college as an engineer but I hated my 9-6 job. Then, I dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player, that’s how I began to use social media, primarily IG, as a means of exposure.


It took me 4 to 5 years of mistakes and total bankruptcy before I took a $2K loan to buy a marketing course in February 2016. Then, in May 2016 I learned about Russell Brunson and Mitchell Harper and applied their business strategies on my IG account and boom.


That same year in September 13, 2016, I got my first paying client for $3.5k/month and business took off from there. Now we are currently generating over 6 figure a month.


What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.


1. Get a mentor.


I took me 4-5 years to made only a little bit of money. After I decided to invest in a mentor, model his success and just follow his path, I went from 0 to over half a million dollars in less than 2 years. The amount you make is directly correlated to the amount you invest in yourself. Before I had invested $0, was trying to do everything free and had no direction. In 2016 I took a loan of $2k and invested that. By the end of that year I had made 6 figures (to be more specific from september to december of that year).


In 2017 I invested close to 40k. I made multiple 6 figures (not just $100k). Between 2017 and 2018 I’ve invested close to 100k and in 1 year I am on track to break 7 figures. Your income is a direct reflection of the path you follow. So work smarter, rather than harder, get a mentor/coach/course to show you the way instead of you trying to figure it out which will take ages, if you even make it. It is like trying to go from San Diego to New york driving without a map. You might get there, but it will take you 50X more time than the other who has the map.


2. Delegate.


I have just started to do this, but it is probably one of the biggest epiphanies I have had in a long time. Learning to create a team is essential for growth, time freedom and peace of mind.

I was making consistently 20k a month or so. The moment I got a team, that I can trust, business went from 20k to over 100k a month.


3. Stop thinking, start doing. Implementation with speed and action win the game.


This one is something that I still struggle with since I get stuck in my engineer brain and try to make everything perfect instead of just launching and learning along the way. One of my most recent successes is high ticket offers. One of my friends who is extremely successful and smart, Alex Hormozi (went from 0 to $10million in 10 months), told me to just put the offer and launch it, even if it wasn’t ready. I decided to make a simple FB post about it that took me less than 10 minutes to write and about 100-200 words in it. From that post alone over $25k were made in a 24hr period (being 95% of that profit), and all because I decided to take action and just launch.

Another example was 1 year ago when I almost went out of business. What saved my ass was chatbots.


Now before that I thought chat bots were super complex, I didn’t know how to make them or anything. I also knew that some people were using them with FB ads, but i had $3k in my bank and less than 3 weeks to figure it out PLUS a bunch of major business problems at the same time, so i had no money to put towards that. I decided to just launch it. I pushed traffic from instagram, to the chatbot, got 180 on it, made a dead cold pitch without any warm up, and 24hrs later, I had made $11k. That money was the one that saved me from going bankrupt in July 2017.


4. It is going to be harder and will take longer than you think it is.


I remember my first webinar ever and that I had over 2500 registrants on it in a very short amount of time all from instagram traffic (and over 1k live on it - the room was maxed out). I was pumped! I made the calculations and I was going to make close to 6 figures in 24hrs from this webinar, which was the launch for my instagram program.

Long story short, the webinar only did $19k or so, and I felt like a complete failure. While I had made more money in a single day than ever before, because my expectations were so crazy high, i still felt like a failure.




This is the number one thing every person should understand! You only have so much energy and time in your day. What you chose to focus on is extremely important.

Focus on 1 thing and one thing alone. Forget about everything else.

My business has suffered greatly from my inability to focus. The second i start making money, i start diverging to something else and then everything goes down. I have done ecom, services, products, coaching, etc, you name it, all from IG, and all with good success (several thousand to 5 figures a month). But it wasn’t until I started to focus a lot more, it was when i was able to hit the 6 figures a month mark!


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