This one’s for all the health care professionals who dedicate their life to help others in need. Halloween just passed but we all know very well that a night shift on a full Moon is Halloween itself and it occurs more than once a year. I encourage all of you nurses, nursing students, health care assistants, doctors, physiotherapists, carers, etc. to share your own paranormal experiences with the rest of us. If you can’t remember any, let me refresh your memory with these. I haven't worked a night shift for a month or so and some time before midnight I decided to share an experience that happened to me 3 months ago on the same side of the ward during a weekend day shift. The hospital was empty, no staff beside nurses, HCAs and few on-calls. I just finished my lunch break and my colleague went for hers. There was not much to do and most of patients families were visiting so I decided to take advantage of my free time to do some paperwork. I was sittting at the nursing station and behind it are four side rooms and of the two that were nearest to me, both doors were closed. I don't remember the reason why they were closed at this time but let's assume there were families visiting too. I noticed whispering on my left but disregarded it, thinking it's behind the doors and people were just talking, so I continued my writing. Over a period of few minutes whispers became more continuous and louder when all of a sudden someone said my name and the whispering stopped. I swear it was just as if someone was sitting right next to me. As I got startled I quickly turned to my left and there was no one, absolutely no one there. Although I got goosebumps all over I thought it was just my imagination but still it sounded incredibly real. After few minutes I almost forgot about it, and it called for me once again but without whispers. I got seriously scared and disturbed this time because it happened twice already and I had absolutely no logical explanation for it. I decided to go around the bays and check in the side rooms to see if anyone called for me, but all of my ladies said they didn't. Even if they did, I know they would call for a nurse and not for our names. I've never told this to anyone besides my partner, and when I shared it with two of the HCAs during this recent night shift, they weren't surprised at all and told me following stories. First HCA, and let's call her Mary for the sake of the story (and to keep her real name anonymous), told me a 3 year old experience including an HCA who sadly passed away. It happened during a night shift some time after he passed. It was just after mindnight and half of the staff were on their breaks. A call bell rang from the escalation bay with the windows towards a small garden that can be accesed only from the male side of the ward, and she went to answer it. The patient's bed who rang was right next to the window and he seemed pretty shaken and distressed. As soon as he saw Mary he whispered: „Can you please let this man in, he keeps knocking on the window.“ She looked through the window and no one was there. Mary told the patient to calm down and she walked down to the male side to ask if anyone went to the garden recently, just in case, but no one did. After an hour the bell rang again and she became slightly worried. As she walked up to the bed she saw a shadowed figure smoking behind the window and the patient said: „He was knocking again, can you please let him in? He's scaring me.“ The figure instantly reminded her of an HCA who used to go outside in that same garden for a smoke but he recently passed away. Instead of running away to get someone to help, which is exactly what I would do, she had enough courage to open the window and actually speak to it: „My dear friend you don't belong here anymore, you need to leave!“ Another nurse actually remembered few other stories about him as she was listening to Mary's experience, but he hasn't been seen for 3 years so maybe because of Mary's courage, he finally left the hospital. Unfortunately, his wife experiences TV turning on in the middle of the night and lights switching on and off around her home. My other HCA Jane decided to share her story which is probably the scariest as it includes a violent entity. One night shift she was taking a nap during her break and she woke up some 20 minutes before she was supposed to because it became very cold in the room. She quickly realized she's unable to move her limbs or to raise up in a sitting position. She said it was as if someone or something was leaned on her chest with an incredible strength and she also mentioned feeling cold palms holding her arms and feet. Jane panicked and quickly thought of her possibilities in this situation. She shouted twice: „Jesus, cast this demon away!“ And I kind you not it set her free in a second. Her shouting alarmed the rest of the staff on the ward that night and she had to give a pretty good explanation of what happened. The last story I will share with you is from my dear nurse buddy and although it's pretty short, it's also pretty scary. At the time she was on the same side of the ward where I was working when she told me about it. At the far side of the ward there are two bays opposite of eachother and if a person is at the nursing station, he or she can see the part of the corridor between the two bays. My friend Jenny was sittting one night shift at the nursing station and heard some rocking from one of the bays. She immediately thought it was a frame and that someone got up to go to the toilet. She kept her sight in that direction and saw a black figure pacing between the bays several times. As she isn't as brave as the two HCAs, she ran towards the other side of the ward to get some help as she was alone at the time. When she returned with another nurse, there was no one there, but she swears to this day that she saw someone, or something. Last, but not least, my dear HCA Max told me a secret that not all of our staff are aware of, especially new starters. On the male side, between two bays distanced from the nursing station is a small lounge area with a round table and four sofas. Max said that both nurses and HCAs can see a headless figure sitting at the left side of the table, whenever someone is expected to die in one of the bays. One patient with mental disabilities had to be moved from the left bay because he witnessed the apparition on several occasions, each time followed by death. I sure did have a fun night shift when we were telling eachother these stories and what's a better way of connecting with your team than sharing scary and paranormal, unexplainable experiences. Let me know in the comments what were your paranormal experiences on your working place. Everyone has one.

Published by Nina Ninocka