Being afraid of heights, I first rejected this idea of flying this high while a sped boat dragged us around. However, the whole group I traveled with decided they wanted to try this activity and they were going to go with or without me.

My choice was either run away from my fears of heights and into a dark corner at the hotel room or face my fears and see where life takes me.

While on the boat staring at the others already up in the air, I was without doubt getting chicken feet. It was finally my turn, my last chance to back out and sit there while I watch my friends experience life.



The two guys that took us out parasailing were exceptionally friendly and entertaining. They were joking here and there, just having a fun time making this experience much more enjoyable.


I muster all my courage and I mean all of it to go through with this. Heights are just not one of my things. It's been getting a lot better but this was back in 2012.

However, once I was up in the air, I felt embarrassed I had such fears. It all went away once I was off the boat.

The stunning views of San Lucas, the peacefulness, and the beautiful vast ocean blue waters.







It made me understood what was on the other side of fear. How if we just step into our fears, it's usually never as bad as we make them out to be. How fear can hold us back in life.

I would've been looking at my friend's parasailing pictures when they came back with full of regrets. I'm glad that didn't happen!


Undoubtedly, this trip back in 2012 to Los Cabos, Mexico was one of my best travels up to date. It also made me realized that it isn't so much the destination you're going (it does help a little) but it's who you're traveling with that will either give you a good or bad travel experience.

I continually bug my friends to have a reunion to re-live this wonderful trip but as we grow older and lead to different paths of life, the chances are becoming slim to none.

And this is completely all right. I'm glad I got to experience this memorable trip at least once in my lifetime with all the people who went and all the people who I met there.

I now appreciate how this trip made me realized the importance of going with the right people and even just having the right people in your daily life can make such a big difference in your happiness.


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Published by Duy Dang