So, for this post I wanted my subject matter to be a bit different.  I was having a conversation with my mother, and the topic of our discussion was about parents connecting with their kids.  Now, I don’t have kids, but growing up, I was always able to connect with my parents.  My mother always told us (my brothers and me) everything about herself and her past.  She never tried to hide anything from us.  My grandmother didn’t agree with her decision to do that, but I can honestly say that it made all of us better people.  My mom always believed “why should my kids hear about what I’ve done from other people when they can just hear it from me first?”  I know that if I ever decide to have kids, I’ll do the same thing my mom did with us.

  I’m one of those people who pays attention to everything.  I’m more of a watcher than I am a talker.  I’ve noticed that parents weren’t able to connect with their kids because the parents would try to come off as if they have never done anything that is currently frowned upon by them.  If my parents were like that, I wouldn’t want to tell them anything.  I would have kept secrets from my parents because I would know that if I had shared them, they wouldn’t understand. 

No one is perfect and lots of parents try to come off perfect to their children.  It’s not the truth and it’s not genuine.  My mom has taught me that being honest can get you so far.  I know so many things about my mom that I know MOST parents would never tell their kids about themselves in a MILLION YEARS. 

So, this is my note to parents -- tell your children that you do understand what they’re going through.  Growing up isn’t easy, and I know for a fact that all parents know that, and if you beat your kids to the punch and open up about yourselves, they’ll never feel like they can’t talk to you, AND they’ll feel like you’re able to relate to them.  I truly believe that being honest with yourself (Parents) first, makes it easier to be honest with your children.  This could be pretty foundational for being a good parent.