Everyone has an opinion, to be human we have to have them.  It seems as if, if we don't carry the same belief as someone else, they will do whatever necessary to convince you that your way is wrong.  It's human nature I suppose.  I have an issue with people bashing parents with tattoos, mainly because I am one of those tattooed individuals.  Now, it's not like I'm flaunting a pair of ta-ta's across my arms or something vulgar along my chest.  I have tattoos on both of my forearms, all with significant meaning to me.  I have gotten more complaints from people regarding them since I became a parent than I did when I got my first one at 18 years old.  It's strange to me to think that one of my tattoos is a celtic symbol for my family, surrounded by flowers is offensive to people.  Say what?!  Well, just as religions go, if it isn't what one believes, they must bash it... Different times, different views.  Personally, as long as tattoos aren't pointless and full of offensive images, there shouldn't be anything wrong with a kid being exposed to them.  My son always asks about mine and to me that isn't a big deal.  They are a part of me, a part of my story and for that I don't feel that I should be judged.  Tattoos don't make bad parents or bad parenting in general.  

Published by Domenique Everett