First standalone book in the A Heart Of The City Series.

After her boyfriend dumps her is Paris, Australian Claire Shorten is determined not to let him ruin Paris for her. Deciding to stay in Paris and reclaim her love for the city, Claire finds herself a job at the hotel where she has been staying. When the hotel where she now lives and works garners the attention of celebrity chef and business Tycoon Louis Delarue, Claire is thrown into the deep end of a business lunch from hell. Despite the disastrous luncheon, Louis has taken an interest in the hotel and decides to help it reach its potential. Despite her protests Claire is assigned to work with Louis. Can Claire handle the ruthless business man and help her friends and co workers save their jobs.

I really enjoyed this book.

With interesting and relatable characters it wasnt hard to get swept up into this story. C.J. Duggan has done a wonderful job with this book. With a great array of relatable character, a great setting and steamy situations, this book was an easy enjoyable read.

The descriptive almost cinematic writing really captures the city of Paris. I loved seeing Paris from a tourists perspective, it was both exciting and overwhelming.

Emotion played a big role in this book and you could definitely feel it throughout the story. The writing was emotive yet witty at the same time.

The only thing I didn't enjoy about this book was needing to wait for conversations to be translated. Being that the main character of Claire was an Australian who didn't speak French, in Paris, some of the dialogue need to be translated to her and that slowed down the flow of the book a little.

Other than my issue with the translating, I will definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a different yet beautifully told romance, with a great setting, relatable characters and great writing.

In other words I think everyone should read this book.

Bring on the rest of A Heart Of The City Series.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker