We all are familiar with the word "Parivartan". According to me, Parivartan is the first step towards any revolutionary change which has a great impact on every aspect of human life. For instance, the invention of the telephone is one of the parivartan which changes the way of communication. Earlier people used to communicate with their family member through letter, drafts etc which takes lots of time to deliver. But with the Parivartan in communication, people today can talk to their relatives anytime anywhere around the world through telephone, mobile, emails, chat (Video & Audio) etc. So Parivartan plays a great role in our life.

But today's world is not same as the earlier. Today people want to live a life with less effort and maximum comfort. They do not want to waste their precious time. So for this, they created a new world called Digital World. The Digital World provides them all comfort and luxury at their fingertips. Today they can buy anything anywhere without physically going to the local shops. They just have to take out their Smartphone, advancement in the technology and communication sector and purchase whatever they want. This is the human nature due to which a number of people nowadays adapting to these technologies and slowly becoming a part of this digital world.

Now, let us consider these peoples as a customer who is searching for their product online to make a purchase. Very less number of offline stores is trusting on Digital World. The reason why most of the business enterprises are not coming online are:

Firstly, they are not aware of the online market and number of potential buyers online.

Secondly, their businesses are running well offline so they do not want to go online.

Thirdly, and the most important, they are not availed to pay online fees for the domain, server and the website. This is because many IT companies and the biggest community of freelancers are giving them really not satisfactory services and incomplete information that leads to unrealistic expectations and at last loss of trust and faith upon IT services.

But the matter of fact is that all these sellers/ companies are willing to become a part of Digital World to raise their business and sales. So to overcome these above challenges, DigiVartan a startup by an IT Company “DPI Infotech” is bridging the communication gap between the IT and business owners.

What is Digivartan?

According to the company, Digivartan means Parivartan through Digitalization. DigiVartan is a helping hand to all the small and medium businesses or companies who wish to maintain their online presence at really very affordable cost.

What will they get from Digivartan?

DigiVartan has provided two packages namely: Suparn and Pragati.

Suparn as the name suggests, a new fresh petal that is ready to get online and catch the attention of target audience by setting up an initial website or you can say a Virtual Online Store but Pragati is for growing industries from various forte who want to generate leads online for their business by providing a mobile ready website plus the feature of location-based SEO for getting the product or service related keywords from any certain location on top of Google to generate maximum leads.

Mr. Apoorv Chandola (Operations Manager, DigiVartan) says, " We just want to help businesses come online and join the Digital India initiative started by Shri Narender Modi Ji by providing a comfortable zone to all SME’s to have a mobile ready website at the most affordable cost ever with zero efforts. This entire concept will help them to gain more and more business leads and growth online. "

According to me, it’s a nice move by the startup and those who know the benefits of online market will try to take this opportunity.

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Published by Piyush Goel