After the first 12 mile hike from hell, you would think that we would have had enough. That night, when we came home, we all had blisters, our legs were screaming, we were dead tired and I felt like I just did a triathlon. However, we're no quitters... so, of course, we had planned more state parks to tackle.


This time, we went to an underground cavern called Linville Cavern which was awesome as we didn't have too much hiking to do.
I was thinking "this is okay... I can do this," although my legs were still on fire, even after getting a massage  the night before.


I was having a fine time relaxing, but noooo....the kids insisted that we go see the waterfall at the park next door. They repeated, ``come on, it`s only a short hike`` off we went.


At this point, I considered a short distance to be 3 steps but my children insisted that it was only 1.6 miles in and that we would have to get to the bottom of the waterfall which was only 2 miles in. Yes, 2 miles in but what about out? None of them were thinking about adding the distance that it would take us t get out....which is double!


I was about to cry, there was not one part of my body that didn`t hurt. My hiking boots were now giving me blisters on top of my old blisters. My butt agreed to join on this hike, and at this point my only complaint was that they left the best for last, oh lucky me!


This only 2-mile hike in on the worst terrain I had seen with big boulders, tree's that you had to climb over, deep inclines, and down rickety old steps, was over .


Luckily, my friend  helped me through because I was felt dead at that point and couldn't care less about seeing that damn waterfall but my girls chimed in "you got this mom!" So how could I quit, my head was starting to think, "I got this," my body, on the other hand, was screaming "girl, turn around, this ain't happening!"


I really wanted to listen to my body, but yet again I suffered through to see the waterfall which my oldest daughter`s boyfriend was amazed by (he's from Miami), and my girls seemed to love  it, so once again, it was all worth it to me.


On our way out, as my friend was helping me get over a bolder, he grabbed my waist and somehow slipped and his hand slammed into my ribs and I heard a crack! Oh snap, I am truly falling apart, I thought.


Of course, getting out is worst than coming in as we now had to move uphill. If I thought that I couldn't breathe before, ha! This was even worst. However, "mom you got this," kept ringing in my head, so on I went.


My cheerleaders left me in the dust at this point, and I actually felt sorry for my friend because it looked as if he was helping a ninety-year-old woman. Having been in shape all of my life caused this to really suck for me. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all since I was sick just a couple of weeks ago but...oh well, too late!


I made it to the top! I was breathing like I needed an oxygen tank, felt half crippled and was all bruised up but, hell I did it! 


We all celebrated by finding the best BBQ in Asheville and then passing out in front of the fireplace that night.


The lesson here my friends is that even when you don't think you have it in you, dig deeper. It`s in there, you can do it, and when you finally finish, the feeling of knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to, is one that cannot be replaced!


Broken, bruised and beat can do got this!






"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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