The Ghostbusters remake is a strange example, because clearly the studio only ever meant the all-female cast as a gimmick to attempt to revitalise a series which had died a death many, many times in its attempted resurrection. It’s hardly  revolutionary, but as soon as the negativity started rolling in, from all manner of people for an even wider range of reasons, even if for a lot of people the rose tinted nostalgia glasses were not far away from their keyboard, the blame also rolled in, that it was those darned SJWs ruining everything again just like they did with Star Wars the Force Awakens, and thus giving the studio the perfect scapegoat for all that negativity, deploring anyone that didn’t like the trailer as not progressive or ‘misogynist’. It’s ironic really, that out of all that blame game the studio got a media frenzy surrounding their film the likes of which they probably never even dreamed of attaining, all because of people playing the blame game and it escalating out of control. So what if it had a female cast if it was a good film? But the same goes for, so what if it had a female cast and it was a bad film? None of these are mutually exclusive or particularly controversial, it was just made to be. And I think in part the level of toxicity surrounding the idea that even the possibility that the thought came across producers minds that the all-female cast could be an interesting subversion and twist on the original and the usual trope of male dominated films sent some people rabid.

I realise that I have gone slightly off tangent with my Ghostbusters example in trying to express what I mean with an example, so let me try and clarify. I guess in part I find it difficult to understand the intense hatred for the concept of SJWs as probably to a large number of people they could well consider me to be one, I’m always up for a debate or discussion and am all for making progressive changes in areas which are sorely lagging behind the times or for challenging what can be considered archaic ideals. But always with reasoned and respectful discourse and for things which seem out of place in the style, context or genre that they sit within. I personally don’t like the blatant and lazy spin off series Dead or Alive Extreme, which is basically an interactive porno trying to pass off as a game, but at the same time, I was never going to buy it and have never had any interest in the series or game-play, which looks to me painfully dull, so why should I worry that it’s new installment does or doesn’t get released in the West as was the controversy last year? This is clearly a game built with the specific intent on playing on its sex appeal and whilst I may think it’s pretty crude and obviously hyperbolically sexualised, it’s clearly not for me, is not serious and is being made for a very specific niche. It’s not a fight I need to prepare for war for, but that also doesn’t mean I or anyone else should be shut out of conversations concerning the game and what we may think its flaws are, as long as it is a respectful and reasoned discussion on both sides. Surely there’s nothing to be lost from such a thing, even for avid fans of the game or other along a similar vein. 

Published by Rebecca Elise