The most important part of women’s life is make-up. To deal with the world and to be the best competitor it’s very important for a woman to carry good make-up. If she knows the basics of the make-up, then it becomes very easy to be ready for any occasion. From daily makeup to party make-up all have some of the basic steps that can make one more attractive with the flawless skin.

 There is a misconception about make-up is that only the glamorous girls and stars are for the make-up, but it’s not true, now it’s no longer about the making a fashion statement or about social status. From applying foundation to how to use concealers on your face during make-up every single step is important in make-up.

 To hide the blemishes, acne and having the flawless skin concealers play a great role. A good concealer can be one’s friend as it can transform you with the flawless skin whereas, on the other hand, it can be your enemy as bad quality concealer can make you look like a vampire.

First step-
 While getting ready for the party it’s very important to have the make-up that stays long, for this it is very important for you to make sure you cleanse your face well before applying makeup. To make your makeup last longer for the party apply ice-cubes on your face after cleansing it. Everyday makeup is very different from party make-up as we want something special on the special occasion.
 The right blend of make-up is needed while going to the party to enhance your natural beauty. To be focused on the crowds make sure that one should have the dress rehearsal and makeup products available for that time.

 Lipsticks are the beauty enhancing beauty product and go with a lipstick with the shades that compliment your skin. Playing with eyes and lips can work well in party make-up. Enhance your best features as you can have the false eyelashes to enhance your eye beauty. Apply mascara and eyeliner and choose the colour according to your dress and lip colour.

 To cover your dark circles, scars, spots or blemishes apply concealer of good quality as you don’t want to compromise on your skin. Apply it with the dry sponge instead of your fingers, apply it very smoothly.

 After applying concealer on your face, apply foundation evenly on your face and neck, and in winters you can add moisturiser in the foundation to deal with dryness. Foundation should be of a good brand that is according to your skin tone.

Face powder-
 To set your makeup to apply face powder on your face and neck, as it helps in holding the make-up for a long time. Brush off any extra powder to look even.

Getting ready daily is ok, but for the party, one should look special, so, that you can be the star of the day and this helps in raising your self-confidence also.

Published by Mudassar Ali