Every one of us has a child in us and the moment we see a toy, it is like party time…

No wonder then that the gel ball blasters are not limited to children, even adults love them and you will see many adults thronging the shops selling gel ball blasters.

What is a gel ball blaster?

Gel ball blaster is a simple gun that shoots gel made balls that are perfectly safe to be shot at anyone. Since the gel balls are non- toxic, you can shoot them at anyone and everyone, obviously don’t shoot the strangers. Toxic or non- toxic, this act could earn you’re the ire of people not known to you.

So, these balls made of gels shatter into several pieces of jelly like substance, leaving absolutely no mark or any other residue. Thus, even if you were to shoot at someone, his or her clothes will not soil. The jelly like substance would disappear after a while.

Similar products that you can buy

There are many similar gel blasters that all shoot the gel balls. You can choose from a variety of them and then decide, which one do you want to put your money in.

  • Rifles: there different types of rifles to choose from. You have m4a1gelblaster, STD AK- V2 gel blaster, Scar V2 gel blaster, M4 A1 gel blaster and many more. These are available in many colors.
  • Pistols: SKD Glock 18 gel blaster, SIG P 226 Hopper fed gel blaster SMGs: Kriss Vector V2, MP 7 gel blaster, P 90 V3 gel blaster. These are very fast selling models and seem to be a hit with both children and grown-ups.
  • Gel balls: you can buy gel balls in packets of 5000 and 10, 000. Whether you buy a rifle, a pistol or an SMG, you will need the gel balls.
  • Tactical gear: many interesting tactical gears that go perfectly well with one of your guns are available. There are tactical gloves, tactical combat best, tactical gel blaster sling, rifle bag with pouches and many other tactical gears that you can buy from.
  • Accessories: once you buy the gel blaster, whatever model, you are bound to need an accessory like a battery charger, drum magazine, gel ball bottle, magazine. So in short, your gel blaster without the accessories will be useless.

In Dec 2017, the department of Home Affairs declared that the gel blasters were toys and therefore did not require a license. Which means that they are safe to be used and cannot kill anyone or even harm the environment. There being non- toxic is another advantage, which is why they are almost always out of stock.

Thus, in order to avoid the disappointment of your favorite gel blaster being out of stock, make sure that you purchase them online even if you want to pick them up from a store. One of the most prominent shops that sell gel blasters is Tactoys.

If you go on its online site, you can purchase the gel blaster of your choice and later pick it up from one of the stores. In case you want your gel blaster to be delivered, book it online, key in your delivery address and within no time, the shop will have your chose gel blaster delivered at your doorstep.

Store your gel balls in water that is fresh, keep them in a refrigerator. Unless you keep them in water, they will shrink and will not be as firm as before even if you were to soak them in the water again.