You read that right.

Jahron Brathwaite, better known by his stage name of PARTYNEXTDOOR, released his latest music video for “Come and See Me” today. Via Snapchat.

As odd as it may seem, this release format is right on brand with Kylie Jenner. Yeah, Kylie Jenner.

(Btw, it was done first by Madonna back in 2015)

Apparently PARTYNEXTDOOR and Jenner had dating rumors circulating around them, which surfaced because the two were appearing in social media posts together.

The king of Snapchat herself is the most followed and viewed user, so it would only make sense that her rumored singer S.O. would drop his latest music video, featuring her, on the social media platform.


I’ll admit, I follow King Kylie on Snapchat. It’s my greatest downfall. She’s been lip syncing the opening lyrics of this song for months in her snapstory, so I’m not surprised the music video is basically an ad for her existence.

The video opens with Jenner in her house, wearing a graduation robe with a slip, holding a dog and boiling water.

She then calls who we can only assume is PARTYNEXTDOOR. Her “call cannot be completed as dialed,” which I’m pretty sure is the wrong automated voice message for when someone is ignoring your calls. Either that or she really dialed his number wrong, smh.

Then, PARTYNEXTDOOR plays piano and drinks liquor at a quiet, expensive looking bar with other rich young people, including Khloe Kardashian, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko.

Meanwhile, Jenner is doing her makeup and product placing her lip kits at her house.


I guess it starts to rain, but that doesn’t stop PARTYNEXTDOOR from somehow making his way to Jenner’s house. Instead of walking close enough to her house to knock on the door, he stands creepily outside.

Jenner notices and decides to prove her lip kits are waterproof by walking outside in the rain and kissing PARTYNEXTDOOR. And that’s it. Watch it on Snapchat or here.

The music video is genuinely boring, but poses the interesting questions of the future of music video releases.

Social media has served as a platform for many music videos in the past few years. Videos have dropped on Facebook, Twitter, Shazam, Youtube, etc.

Vevo is one of the dominate platforms for music video releases, but could it potentially be threatened by outlets like Snapchat?

I was surprised to notice that the Snapchat version of the video was only viewable vertically, but the Youtube release is horizontal. If this Snapchat release takes off, could music videos turn vertical?


I kind of doubt it. Snapchat is for nudes, people who enjoy FOMO and living vicariously through celebrities. It’s refreshing to read trending news stories, check your horoscope and watch a music video now and then via the discover tab, but I can’t imagine the platform taking over the world.

But what do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions on “Come and See Me” and of the future of the music video. Leave a comment!

This article was originally published on The Sami Fisher Blog.

Published by Samantha Grace Fisher