A thick fog wrapped around our small rural town this morning like a damp fleece throw. Visibility was reduced to about a few yards in front of me which caused me to drive a little slower than usual. 

For those who know me and my driving know that this means I downshifted from my usual old man speed to Sunday drivin’ mode. While the fog made it difficult to see what lie beyond the road ahead there was nothing wrong with the eyesight of the elderly man I met while pumping gas today. 

“That’s a lot of fog!” A voice nearby spoke out into the quiet morning air breaking its silence.

“Yeah, I can’t believe it,” I replied back to the gruff sounding invisible man.

“Who ya think is gonna win?” My ears perked up as the patron behind the pump had now hooked this little fishy with his seemingly innocent question. Up until now with only one month until the election of the century it seems, I've tried with ninja-like stealth to avoid engaging in any verbal politico judo matches with others.

It’s been said that there are two things people should avoid talking about: politics and religion. Well, considering I’ve just graduated from the School of Biblical Evangelism recently I knew that I was about to pass through the fog and into both territories real soon.

“I’m not really sure,” I responded with caution as I shuffled my feet a few inches toward my left so as to put a face to my hidden interviewer's intonation.

Tall and a bit scraggly looking the weathered old man seemed as though something was on his mind. And I would soon realize that I didn’t have to worry about doing all or any of the talking for that matter but for now just listening as he began to vent his frustrations.

Earlier this morning as I trudged through the morning routine of feeding the dogs and getting my daughter ready for school I began to wonder about what was real. It sounds strange but for the first time in quite some time I found myself asking “What is reality?” Is it the mundane chores, our well-paying jobs, pumping gas? What was it I wondered?

After speaking a little further with "gray beard" this morning I discovered that the reality before me was a tired, angry, frustrated nation in the form of an elderly man who, like so many of us, have been greatly affected by the crazy social and political weather lately. But, what I also happened to noticed is how we are hopelessly pinning all of our hopes onto two flawed human beings who in this blogger’s opinion are unfit at best to sit at the seat of the most powerful position in the world. (Psalm 146:3-4 really comes to mind right about now.)

Nonetheless, the old man spoke to me about where he believed America’s heart lied these days regarding the presidential election in that the majority who will vote for a certain candidate of the female persuasion may do so primarily in order that some may boast of having the first woman president in office. You’d have to be pretty blind not to see that one. 

The old man continued by expressing his concern also over the increasing buildup of hatred among mankind. No debate there. Beginning on a global scale he described in his own impassioned words how he sees the culmination of countries coming together against one another in war or as the Bible has prophesied all along: "nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom" (Mt. 24:7). The old man then shifted his concerns down to a national level where he had been observing our citizens waging war against its own authority. To which I have personally ascribed to as the sound of breaking down.

As I looked into these issues plaguing our world today through the eyes of one American I am reminded of Jesus’ prophetic words to his disciples some 2,000 years ago: “Brother will betray brother to death” (Mt. 10:21). However, it doesn’t end there. While my Savior assures us that “In this world you will have trouble” our Redeemer delivers also this reassuring realism: “[I] have overcome the world” (Jn. 16:33)!

The old man I spoke to today shared some fragments of truth about the social and political climate of our nation as of late. But the reality, as I told him before parting our separate ways, is this: that no matter who gets voted into office this election season Jesus Christ is still King!

Run to win,


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Published by Dennis Miranda