Did you ever stop and wonder how our favorite indie makeup brands (Melt, Gerard Cosmetics, Colourpop, Sugar Pill, etc..) that we've grown to love so much started or even began glamour babes?! I am sure they started off small, and unknown to the world before word of mouth had taken these brands off by storm. Today, my word of mouth goes to Misty Thomas, the creator and founder of her beauty line Passion Flower Beauty. I have been following her lovely IG feed for a few months now, as she has been mine, and I was very flattered to receive a message from her asking if I could review some of her beautiful cruelty free, vegan handmade eye shadows. Excitedly, like I was being offered a marriage proposal, lol, I said yes!!! A few weeks later, I received a sweet bundle carrying some business cards with a note on the back saying thank you for promoting Passion Flower Beauty, six (Green Machine, Jellyfish, Mint Julep, Crazy, Perseids, and Temptress) of the most beautiful shimmery eye shadows ($5 each) I had laid eyes on, plus a sweet smelling gloss, winning!

Green Machine-get ready to click your heels three times when wearing this stunning shade of emerald green that the Emerald City is known for, ahhhh, there's no place like home.

Jellyfish-It's time to trade in your sea legs for a pair of fins, this soft sea-foam green will have you swimming with the mermaids. You can be part of their world too, ya know!

Mint Julep-this silvery blue green will take you back to the southern comforts of home, and is best served neat on the lids.

Crazy-is an insane silvery white making us all mad as a hatter for this shade, flutter wagon anyone?

Perseids-comets will collide when wearing this copper bronze shade.

Temptress-Careful going out in this vampy deep shade of plum. The seductress side of you may want to come out and play.

All six shadows are lightweight, finely milled, smooth, highly pigmented, and are set in a pearlized finish. They are comfortable to wear and feels like you are wearing nothing. I only know this since I kept on rubbing my eyes and forgetting, lol. I was a sparkly pretty mess.

All of Passion Flower Beauty's eye shadows come in a clear sturdy plastic little pots with black lids, creating a window effect when choosing a shade.

I had a lot of fun wearing these, especially on my lower lids, they brought just enough pizazz to my eyes.

The color payoff with/without eye shadow primer lasts for about 5 hours before the high intense pigments of these shadows taper down into a soft shimmer. I don't know about you boys and gals, but this is something I don't mind.
A word of caution, because these are loose eye shadows, they can become a bit messy. My tip and trick to you, tap the bottom of the shadow pot a few times on a hard surface like your bathroom sink. This will help bring the pigments back down into the container, making it less messy minus huge amounts of kickback dust. FYI, Misty's eye shadows do not leave fallout particles after application, how amazeballs is that?!
And, for my lovely flower power shaped lipsgloss ($6), that ish is deliciously divine. It smells like a watermelon jolly rancher!!! Pucker up lover boy, and get ready for a sweet surprise, wink.

The gloss carries a very, very faint pinky hue, is nice and lightweight, and really gives the lips some nice hydration throughout the day.

Misty's creations are made with a ton of love in her home located in Durango, Colorado. You can follow her on Twitter (passionflowerbea), Facebook and Instagram @PassionFlowerBeauty to see for yourselves how hard Misty works on all of her organic and natural beauty products. Be sure to check out her website too at www.passionflowerbeauty.com.
Always support small businesses, you never know where their dreams might lead them.

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Published by Samantha Malin