I know that we promised a series on business dynamics and business insights but let us take a break from that and make an exception for just this one post. Today, I want to talk about the pursuit of your passion. What do I mean by that? Well, you know how when you are about to receive your high school degree and have to decide on your future and have thousands of people giving you an advice what do next? So, why do not we go for something that we are passionate about? Of course, there is this societal pressure on getting a degree that in the future will be bringing you more money or so called return on investment in education. Writers, artists and musicians at heart end up being economists, lawyers or doctors. The lucky ones keep their artistic side to them as their hobby but in the hectic world that we live in it is the biggest challenge. With time, we then find other things that fascinate us and that we are passionate about that we want to explore within our new professional line. Yet more often than not the job market proves us that it is difficult to find a job in your field and that has all elements that you are interested in. Why are we afraid to pursue what our heart wants?
Speaking of hearts same may apply to relationships. How many of you have been told by your family whom to date and whom to avoid? The woman's checklist was not created overnight and is a build up of societal expectations. But why can't we fall in love with people that we like and with whom we feel most comfortable with? Why is it that we always have to prove something to someone? If it were up to me, the world would be filled with people that listen to their hearts and not to the gossip or other people's advice.
Advice. It is a great tool to share your opinion on a matter and the person you are advising is not obliged to take it. Advice also is the thing that makes us take certain turns in our lives that we do not necessarily intend to. It is easy to give an advice to someone else and when it comes to us we tend to hesitate and second guess every single decision. Sometimes, if we would only do what we feel like and listen to our own intuition than other people, I feel the world would see more happier facies. This is not a pursuit of happiness but a pursuit of passion. When you do something you love - you are happy, when you are with someone you love - you are happy.
What do you think?

Published by Karina Saakyan