I finally made it! The Very Hungry Caterpillar patchwork minky blanket I’ve been meaning to crack on with for pretty much the whole of my pregnancy so far… The fabric has been sat in a bag just waiting for me to put it to use, I’ll be honest, it’s not exactly what I had in mind when I visualised the finished product, but it’s pretty damn close and I love it. 

I always knew I wanted to make some sort of patchwork item with the fabric, whether that be a quilt or a blanket, but after not-so-much thought it dawned on me that a quilt was probably waaaay too optimistic, so a blanket it was…

I won’t give a full step by step how-to like I did with my bunting, but I’ll briefly talk through how I made the patchwork minky blanky. 

First I cut three 7inch squares from each piece of fabric giving me 3 of each pattern – 24 squares all together however I only used 20 in total. 

Lay it all out to how you want the finished product to look, or to at least give yourself a rough idea. Then fold each row, two by two with the pattern facing inwards and sew each row, like so. 

Continue sewing each row together until you have one big section of patchwork fabric! It will all come together once ironed and the seams have been pressed. There is a trick to getting the ‘perfect seam’ which I attempted and some how messed up a bit – iron each rows seams in the opposite direction to the next, this will allow your seams to sit flush and not become bulky. 

Now for the minky on the reverse side… I loveee minky fabric, but after looking online I realised how expensive it was to buy. Luckily I found cute minky blankets at our local Home Bargains (love this place!) I can’t remember the exact price but it was under a fiver. I decided to cut the ends off the minky blanket itself as it was too long for my patchwork, then unstitch the sides by hand which took flippin ages by the way, otherwise it would have been way too thick. 

Place the patchwork and the minky on top of each other, pattern side/bobbly side down and pin into place. Instead of starting the stitch at the corner, start it half way along one side, leaving about 5 inches once stitched all the way around. This allows you to pull your blanket inside out, then reach in and pop out the corners. You can then do your final stitch starting at a corner, closing the open hole as you work your way around! 

And here we have it, the finished product! My handmade patchwork Hungry Caterpillar minky baby blanket (try saying that after a few drinks!) I’m so so happy with it, but my word it was hard work! I’ll definitely try making another, practice makes perfect and all that. 


Published by Elise Kate